"The 6 Minute Spay is a wonderful course for new grads to learn basic surgery skills. The complications section is wonderful for even advanced veterinarians to learn how to keep a cool head when a problem arises. I have been able to cut my surgery time in half and I have only just begun to incorporate the techniques I have learned."

K. Lewis

"Everyone hates big dog spays! No matter how often we do them, there is always that nagging anxiety when you see them on the schedule. June Long’s Six Minute Spay helps to break down dog spays with time-saving steps and techniques that really do work! I have been tackling some really big fat dog spays lately, and I have been able to take a deep breath, keep her tips in mind, and methodically get them done!"

S. Ripepi

"I was able to do a 38lb bulldog spay in 15 minutes the other day which in the past would have taken me at least 25. I can definitely see improvement!!"

Stella C.

"You are amazing! You have helped me with my technique and speed."

Gabriela R.

"Shout out and thank you to @June Long that made the course material to help people get more comfortable with surgery. Highly recommend the Six Minute Spay! ♥️"

K. Fielder

"I had soooo much more confidence with my dog spay today thanks to this course!"

K. Voirol

"Great course! I just had one tear last week on a 15# dog. Finished the spay then went I search of the pedicle. Able to locate after extending incision and some looking around. Still nerve wracking but without the course I would have totally panicked. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to up their spay/neuter skills."

L. Beck