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What if you could perform a spay in as little as 6 minutes?

How many more surgeries or appointments could be scheduled if your surgeries were completed in a shorter amount of time? Use your newly-discovered free time to increase your productivity, have more time for records and phone calls, or take a longer lunch.

Do you have anxiety the night before a challenging spay? Build your confidence and sleep better at night knowing that you have the ability to tackle any surgery.

Do you struggle physically doing surgeries? Do you carry a lot of tension in your neck and back? This course addresses the mental challenges of surgery and how to combat them.

Are you a new grad? This course is a perfect way to jump start your surgical skill set.

Are you a practice owner? This is a great resource for your future hires.

There are many ways this course could improve your day-to-day work life.

How this course will benefit your patients:

  •  Decreased surgery time.
  •  Decreased time under anesthesia: less exposure to inhalant anesthesia, decreased time needed for external thermoregulation.
  •  Shorter abdominal incisions: decreased opportunity for dehiscence, patient self-mutilation, and infection.
  •  Shorter exposure time to particulates in the air, with less exposed tissue due to shorter incisions.
Build your confidence

Work through complications with me. This course has an entire section covering intra-op complications and how to safely manage/repair them. Some examples include videos of dropped or torn pedicles and repairing a hemoabdomen.

Easy to follow steps

Before the video portion of the course, I share step-by-step guides of how to perform each surgery - canine spay, canine neuter, feline spay, feline neuter. These are the foundational steps that I build upon later in the course.

Access to 20+ videos

I filmed each video with a GoPro attached to a head strap. This ensures that you'll have an up-close view, seeing even the most subtle techniques that I use.

My video library includes a variety of patients and surgeries. Most videos include a voice-over from me, explaining things just as I would if I were teaching you in person.

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Patient standard of care is always important and the top priority

Shelter Veterinarians' Veterinary Medical Care Guidelines

To learn more about HQHVSN programs and techniques, visit the Shelter Veterinarians' Veterinary Medical Care Guidelines for Spay-Neuter Programs:

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ASPCA Spay / Neuter Alliance

The ASPCA's Spay/Neuter Alliance is a nationally recognized program known for upholding the gold-standard of care for HQHVSN programs. Check out their educational resources:

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